Reliable, Focused, Detail-Oriented individual who is comfortable working on a computer.

Efficiently operates Pro-Presenter for our worship services. This includes everything that is shown on the screens of the sanctuary (words to lyrics and video loops for songs, scripture, pictures, sermon notes).

The Pro-Presenter Operator is the key player of all visual communication for that day.

The Pro-Presenter Operator is very much a part of the Praise Team and Band, and everyone else involved in production of the Sunday worship celebration. The operator works directly with and under the Worship Leader and Technical Director. They listen and takes direction from the Worship Leader and Technical Director.


• Be in position on Sundays ready to go no later than 7:30 am.

• Operate both Sound checks and both Services.

• Check the system, monitors and projectors.

• Run a sound check for all the videos in that days presentation.

• Be in attendance and operate for special services but not limited to

Prayer services, worship nights and special rehearsal dates.

• Start countdown on time.

• Be ready to assist the worship leader and technical director at all times.

• Turn off projectors

Personality Type

• Dependable and committed

• Task oriented

• Always thinking ahead of what needs to happen next

• Open to criticism Motto Anticipating the next move.

• To create an incredible environment for people to connect with God and worship Him

• Enjoys to ability encourage and teach others

• To enhance the worship experience by achieving seamless and timely visual transitions.